Saturday, February 11, 2017

Let's Begin

Years ago as a young boy, I spent many hours with my grandmother.  She was an avid seamstress.  She made Cabbage Patch Dolls.  She also used a Pfaff 230.  As she grew older she was not strong enough to lift the machine to change the bobbin or raise from the cabinet.

My job was to help her by lifting the machine.  While waiting, she helped me develop my quilting skills.  I was a hand piecer even though I did not know the name, I did enjoy the tasks.  As my skills developed, I was taken to my grandmothers Sewing Circle.  And with many older seamstress in the group my skills increased.

Life got in the way, I stopped quilting and sewing in general,  Work School Life all interfered.

However, several years ago, I had a minor stroke.  As time passed I learned little consequences of the damage.  Loss of concentration and trimmers were the biggies.  The Trimmers cause great difficulty in hand work, my hands shake.

So I tried machine quilting.  Amazing something I could do!!!

Over the last year I have been trying different techniques. A few have not gone well  Many have opened doors of possibility.

This blog is about my journey.  I hope to review various equipment, techniques, the why and why nots of each,  I will start by reviewing the machine and equipment choices.  As well a discussion on what techniques and styles work well or not so well.

My goal, hopefully helping others with limitations, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stroke, and other issues that hamper movement and coordination

So let's begin !!!!!!!

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